April 26, 2013

Life Lesson #23

Dayton/Cincinnati, OH portrait & event photographer

So...I was at my nephew's recital last Sunday.  (He is a college grad who is now part of an opera company in FL. And, he'll be leaving for Italy (again) soon to perform in La Boheme.  Needless to say, the fam is pretty proud of him.)  

Anyway,...I packed up my camera, 3 lenses, a monopod, & my flash.  I scoped out and saved a good photo-taking seat when I arrived at the venue.  I proudly pulled out my camera, only to discover that I'd forgotten my CF card...AND my backup CF card.  The videographer didn't know what a CF card was (???), so he couldn't loan me one.  No one else understood that I couldn't use an SD card.  It seemed hopeless.

Normally, I'd rather die than choose my iPhone over my DSLR, but it sounded pretty good at that moment.  Problem? I'd left it at home...next to the CF card--ha!  I realized I had absolutely NO way to take pictures OR video of this special event.

I pouted all evening about this...and if you're a photographer, you know exactly how I felt.  Not being able to capture that nearly killed my soul.

After the performance (and everyone telling me, "It's okay, Jen.  We understand that you tried your best."), we got in our car to drive the 45 minutes home.  

You know what was in the back seat?  My kids' TWO iPADS!  I asked my kids why they hadn't suggested the iPads when they saw me scurrying trying to find a way to take photos.  Their response? "Mom, you don't like photos taken with anything other than your nice camera!  We didn't want to insult you."

I'm not sure what the lesson in this is, but I'm guessing it has something to do with not being a camera snob and the importance of enjoying the what is, rather than stressing about the what could have been.

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